Our Services

Corser and Corser has the experience and ability to provide high-quality legal services over a range of areas of the law.

We are able to provide you with prompt and professional services in the following areas:

  • Corporate and commercial structures and agreements
  • Property transactions
  • Commercial and general litigation
  • Resources, heritage and native title law
  • Insolvency
  • Trusts, wills and estates

Please contact us if your legal problem does not fall into the above categories. We may be able to assist you or refer you to an alternative, suitably-skilled firm.

Commercial and General Litigation

Corser & Corser has an excellent, long-standing reputation in dealing with all levels of disputes affecting people and organisations.

We recognise that these disputes involve human as well as financial costs. Our advice and strategies are designed to deal with both aspects.

  • Damages
  • Personal rights and obligations.
  • Property
  • Investment, banking
  • Finance & securities
  • Contracts
  • Trade practices and consumer laws
  • Mining & resources
  • Arbitration & mediation

We can assist with representation before courts and tribunals, and can offer services in the field of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

Issues on which we are able to assist include:

  • Problems in the commercial area involving companies or contracts, local authorities or buildings, financing or insolvency
  • Trials and other proceedings before state and federal courts and tribunals
  • Mining, resources and land access issues, including native title
  • Employment problems and education matters

We have a strong team of specialist litigation practitioners who are supported by our experienced associates and other professional staff.

Corporate and Commercial

Understanding the needs of public and private corporations in regard to structuring, reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions is the focus of our corporate and commercial team.

We assist companies to plan for the future by helping them negotiate and structure joint venture and partnership arrangements and the future control and ownership of private companies.

Issues on which we may be able to assist include:

  • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts
  • Banking & finance
  • Commercial property transactions
  • Commercial leasing
  • Real estate agency
  • Conveyancing
  • Insolvency and credit enforcement
  • Company reconstructions
  • Trade practices and consumer laws
  • Partnerships
  • Franchises
  • Trusts
  • Employment law & workplace agreements

Resources and native title law

Corser & Corser provides high quality, practical legal advice on all aspects of native title and Aboriginal heritage protection laws.

The effects of the current legislative framework in the areas of resources and native title are a matter of ongoing public, political and legal debate.

One of the important outcomes of the Commonwealth native title legislation has been to require both private and commercial interests to negotiate with native title holders and claimants. This means that resource management and development, particularly in the areas of mining and primary production, need to interact with traditional title claimants at an early stage of many new projects.

Corser & Corser represents and advises clients who are native title holders and claimants, participants in the mining industry and primary producers.

Specific areas of practice in which Corser & Corser is able to assist include:

  • Native title
  • Mining
  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Environmental protection
  • Representation before the National Native Title Tribunal, the Mining Warden's court and state and federal courts


Corser and Corser has extensive experience in the fields of corporate and personal insolvency.

We provide advice on corporate insolvency both on behalf of insolvency practitioners and corporations, and also practice in the area of bankruptcy.

The areas we deal with include:

  • Insolvency
  • Liquidation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Voluntary administration
  • Preference claims
  • Bankruptcy notices
  • Court proceedings concerning corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy

Wills and Estates

There are many opportunities for structuring a person's affairs and their will so that a carefully-prepared estate plan will operate during the person's life and will continue in force after they pass away.

Every case is different and there are variations in the types of arrangements that can be used. It is vital to be aware that there can be no "standard" form of will incorporating a testamentary trust and that each case needs to be treated on its own merits.

Corser & Corser advises on the appropriate legal structures to be adopted where clients wish to protect their personal assets from their business risks and to preserve them for retirement or for their children.

The firm also provides assistance in obtaining probate, the administration of deceased estates and the resolution of disputes concerning those matters. The formation of family trusts and the operation of them, the structuring of affairs to minimise taxation and the drafting of wills all require expert care and advice. Corser & Corser has the expertise to recommend and put in place the best plan for each client.